It should be understood that the limits indicated above are the "starting point" for calculating insurance payments. For example, if only one driver was in the car during an insurance event, the insurance amount for this driver will be two to two and a half times less than the total insurance amount under the contract. It is more profitable for the policyholder if the limit for each person is determined by dividing the total insurance amount by the number of persons, regardless of the number of victims.

In the first option, the percentage of payment per day may be fixed or, for example, depend on the amount of the insurance amount. Its value usually ranges from 0.1 percent to 0.5 percent. In this case, as a rule, the maximum payout limit for this risk is set. It can be from 10 to 50 percent of the insured's payment limit. In addition, accrual often does not start from the first day. Such a "temporary franchise" is usually from two to nine days.

The basic insurance covers the driver's civil liability insurance, i.e. it covers damage that you may unintentionally cause to third parties. This is mandatory insurance. Even if you only use the car during your vacation, by law it must be insured for the entire year. Why? Theoretically, during Your absence, there may be, for example, spontaneous combustion, which will result in damage to third parties. Accordingly, mandatory motor liability insurance will cover this risk. Basic insurance is the cheapest Varant, but not the most practical. If your budget does not allow you to get more coverage, we recommend that you include at least glass insurance in your policy. This coverage will slightly increase the cost of the policy, but will protect You from significant expenses associated with the need to replace the glass if it is cracked due to a Bouncing stone, or if the window of Your car was broken by intruders. That is to say, unfortunately, that's what happens here.

Regardless of which type of car insurance you choose, special attention should be paid to the roadside assistance service included in the insurance policy. The best insurance companies offer you full protection on the road 24/7: replacing a flat tire, recharging the battery, calling a tow truck (in the options we offer without restrictions on mileage), a replacement car during the repair of Your car, hotel accommodation if the car repair has to be done far from home, and much more. Just Insurance pays close attention to the selection of practical covers to guarantee your peace of mind and confidence at the wheel.

Sometimes insurance companies offer different insurance terms to private and corporate clients. Different products and rates are available to individuals and legal entities. For example, a person can insure themselves against an accident. It can also be insured by the employer. In the first case, protection will cost more: businesses usually insure all their employees at once, so the insurer reduces the cost of insurance per person

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